WhatsApp JiMODs (JTWhatsApp) Mod APK Latest Version Free Download 2024

WhatsApp JiMODs (JTWhatsApp) Mod APK Latest Version 2024

WhatsApp JiMODs is a “BAN specific section”. Messenger is a free messaging software available for Android. This software works mainly on your phones internet connection: 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE and WiFi. It also allows you to inform and call your friends and family at no extra cost. WhatsApp free download is still the king in this sector Additionally, using WhatsApp plus allows the user to share photos, videos, documents and messages from anyone. you may also like: Aero Whatsapp 

chat with friends, send photos, share videos, Many more features like editing, themes, changing styles, software locks, chat locks, PRIVACY modes and mod basics! Many people think Telegram is the next big thing in instant messaging, WhatsApp+ JiMODs (JTWhatsApp) is still the king of the industry and has its presence on Facebook today and many users. llows the use of two WhatsApp web People start to worry about their privacy after the sale.

WhatsApp JiMODs We use this service every day to chat with our friends, send photos, share photos, chat in groups or get together. It’s a big deal in our daily life, but unfortunately, despite the videos added recently, it’s a bit cramped in terms of management and performance.
New modes of this popular messaging software, one of the most popular versions of WhatsApp Plus, appear. But WhatsApp + JiMODs (JTWhatsApp), developed by Jimtechs, is one step ahead as they include a tab system (they can’t fire you when they know you are using WhatsApp), add features to the original information and give you the same WhatsApp information as both Android phones. .

WhatsApp JiMODs v9.62 Jimtechs Editions is a free messaging app available exclusively for Android devices. It allows users to message and call their friends and family without any additional cost, and can be used on different internet connections including 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE, and WiFi. This app also offers a variety of features such as customization options, themes, privacy mods, and more.

Key features of the WhatsApp JiMODs v9.62 Jimtechs Editions include the ability to change colors and sizes, increased upload media limit, improved image quality, an ad-free experience, quick sharing options, and the ability to hide profile pictures. Additionally, the app offers a built-in theme viewer and download feature, supports calls, and includes privacy mods such as hiding the “last seen” feature.

To install the WhatsApp JiMODs Jimtechs Editions, first uninstall any previous version of the app. Then, download the “WhatsApp plus JiMODs apk” and install it. Enter your phone number and complete the activation process to start using the new app.

The latest version of the app, v9.62 Jimtechs Editions, includes updates such as the ability to undo deleted messages, improved attachment options, and the ability to create an avatar. Additionally, various bugs and errors have been fixed, including issues with recording voice notes and playing crash on some phones

Why would I need this WhatsApp+ JiMODs?

WhatsApp JiMODs Well, because everyone is eager to get a WhatsApp redesign and the freedom to apply the changes you want to the app message without worrying about being temporarily banned:

  • Can use WhatsApp JiMODs on the same phone.
  • Many themes specialize in determining the direction of your messaging program.
  • Change colors, logos, sizes and other elements.
  • The number of videos you can upload has increased from 16 to 30 MB.
  • The number of photos you can share at one time has increased from 10 to 90.
  • Photos that you send via WhatsApp will no longer be restored properly.
  • The number of people for your position has increased from 139 to 250.
  • View the status of your contacts while talking to them.
  • Hide the last time you were online so you can see information about your contacts.
  • Communication with more types of formats: PDF, XLS, TXT, DOC, PPT, VCARD, XLSX, RTF, DOCX, PPTX, ZIP, etc.

How to install this WhatsApp JiMODs mod?

  • Anyway, you can’t find the setup of this mod on Google Play so you have to go or click on the Jimtech official page to download all the features we described above. we download. button
  • Before proceeding with installing the APK, it is recommended that you first install your conversations and then uninstall another WhatsApp. Run the file, enter the phone number and activate the code you will receive via SMS, chat again and get the most out of this mode.

What’s new in the latest version of WhatsApp JiMODs Editions

  • Updated to basic version
  • Try to divide discussions and groups into two acts.
  • Add extra enhancements.
  • Fix some bugs.
  • Uses live chips.
  • Increase speed and performance.
  • Allows the use of mobile phone emojis instead of WhatsApp.

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