Download GBWhatsApp Apk 14.21.0 Latest Version (Updated) 2024

Download GBWhatsapp apk is one of the best WhatsApp mods Can be used on Android devices. After reading GB You can use the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. Get great views. The best you can build Download the latest GBWhatsapp for free. A lot of users download the commonly used GB Whatsapp software WhatsApp accounts are useful for making additions to WhatsApp. users can do everything according to the Whatsapp GB function makes your knowledge unique.

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You can and customize Get many more mods after download GB WhatsApp.
The best thing about the GBWhatsApp ask is that you: Build your Android phone without rooting. As you know, the only way to unlock your phone is to root it be careful, but it can be risky to Recognize your Android phone. I have also shared YOWhatsApp APK for Android

However, this app is a reliable method for WhatsApp users. Download the best and latest version. New functions make WhatsApp a more beautiful experience. I recently shared an additional WhatsApp and looks like apk and FMWhatsapp GBWhatsApp In other words, this is the mod version of the first app. What happened. Update your existing WhatsApp and find new ones. Also, check the Freedom app for Android. Whatsapp beer, Use of Whatsapp Apps by Third Parties. Now I hope the GBWhatsApp apk is safe to download, you don’t need it to resolve the limitation issues. Also, check out the best iOS

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GBWhatsApp was created primarily to provide WhatsApp users with additional functions. Many are more useful
Good compared to original WhatsApp features. Bar Introduced several features, here is a list of these fixes.
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  • Delete or restore messages sent from WhatsApp
  • you can hide or see the privacy
  • The GBWhatsapp apk also includes the option to hide
  • capture conversations, situations, or stories
  • He has added several new emojis to WhatsApp
  • The video calls are working fine.
  • Up to 50MB of video can be shared.
  • Group name and WhatsApp are limited
  • now you can write 35 letters
  • Fix a bug that caused the problem to send a video
  • Last time with GB WhatsApp,
  • blue sign, the second sign, to “do not place”
  • states and many others
  • Copy the position of the other people on your plate can
  • You can send up to 600 text messages
  • people at the same time.
  • If you have something great to share, here’s what you can do:
  • With GB WhatsApp you can find your status
  • You do not enter 255 characters instead of 139
  • the situation must be shortened

How to Install:

1) Close your conversations by pressing the OPTIONS button first
Go to Settings> Conversations status> Back up conversations

2) Then uninstall PARENT WHATSAPP and install WA + apk.


(If you can’t get the reset, please install the first WhatsApp from the play store, run the verification process and talk to 1-2 people again, install the uninstall again, install the apk I brought there donate, make sure get a safe return)

5) Wait, it may take a while

6) publicize continuity then

7) Press the MENU button and you can see the HIDE ONLINE STATUS button, and BOOM … (If you can’t see this list PLUS => 2.Main / chat screen => 2.3 HIDDEN STATUS MOD MENU is off)

8) Enjoy Whatsapp + and finally see the hidden features as much as possible


Letter 5.35
* New Emoji tab (+) has been added and all new emojis moved there
* New MOD 1.2.23 to hide new and emoji apps
* New option to delete the last emoji list (click the list in the discussion to use)
* The WhatsApp + widget is displayed when no messages are read
* New MOD 2.5 is configured when someone is online (unless you are online and not talking to that person)
* Some types have been modified
Note 5.30
* MOD 2.2.19 Indicates contact status in your home (but not 100% guaranteed, delete your visible contacts later if you cannot see them)
* Notifications to add messages related to the new MOD 6.7 notification panel
* Add new messaging app to WhatsApp + Widget
* Only add new news updates to WhatsApp + launcher notifications for Samsung devices with 4.1.x and above
* New MOD 3.1.0s header headers for communication
* New MOD 7.1.12 Certain colorless text messages
* Some types have been modified

Figure 5.25
* Added MODs to change the appearance of the widget (7.1 official widgets, 7.2 WhatsApp + widget)
* Temporary crash MOD 2.2.19, because the connection is disconnected again when using
* Error changing password
* Some small wooden sticks are attached

Note 5.20
* Ads removed
* Main update of the latest game store information: 2.11.186 (
* Newly-made settings for visual tracking, image history, and settings
* Add camera to send photos instantly
* Adds the ability to pay for a friend’s friend service
* Add pictures of large pictures to talk to
* Added option to show unread messages in the home widget (Android 3.0+)
* Add options to merge / save photo tags / group tags
* duplicate user history that the user can post
* Recordings sent emojis on Sony phones
* Record voice memos on Samsung Note 3 and Sony phones
* Hindi Open (Android 4.1+)

Note 5.12
* Better to use the word ‘Open’ instead of ‘immersion’ (comes with true immersion mode)
* Fixed some bugs in Android 2.3.x that caused FCs to appear when sharing photos/videos and opening the Chooser theme
* Other animals were registered
Note 5.10
* For devices with Android 4.1 and above, if the WhatsApp + widget is 1×1, only the online / OFFLINE icons will be displayed
* Added immersion mode for Kitkat users and senior users
* MOD 1.4, MOD 2.4, and MOD 3.3 have been added to discuss, discuss, and change communication sequence status and bar settings.
* MOD 1.2.0W has been added to different photo backgrounds for each discussion
* Hindi translation has been improved
* This graphic theme needs to be updated after use
* Added other emotes
* Other animals were registered
Information 5.07
* Careful research to reduce staff turnover
* Other animals were registered

Information 5.05
* Hangouts emoji have also been added. Check the fourth position (driver). See only WhatsApp + users
* From now on, the service that comes with the updates will improve all topics and update behavior.
* WhatsApp + widget error only occasionally caused non-response
* Smaller barrels were registered

Note 5.00
* Added new emoticon set. Check the second table (flour). See only WhatsApp + users
* Smaller barrels were registered

How to Crack:

  • Give GBwhatsapp the following URL.
  • After this training, the key reports will be used by Key
  • Method and installation is expected
  • At this point use the regular key structure given below
  • Enter regular buttons in the file box
  • Identify the top elements of this device using Keygen
  • The installation is complete
  • That’s it.

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